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Unmanned Aerial Systems are changing the homeland security landscape and Quiet Professionals is leading the charge. Whether it’s assisting military ground forces or alerting law enforcement of potential danger, our team of licensed sUAS pilots offer innovative solutions without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Quiet Professionals is rapidly becoming a small business industry leader in the sUAS marketplace. This growth is a by-product of our unique capabilities and operational experience, combined with our certified and licensed FAA Part 107 remote sUAS pilots. All of our sUAS pilots are highly trained professionals who can rapidly solve complex problems and provide analytical sUAS consulting support to both government and commercial clients.


Stemming from our sUAS experience, Quiet Professionals is a prime contract holder on the GSA MAS. As such, we can leverage this contract vehicle to offer our sUAS services and products directly to government and commercial clients. Our GSA MAS contract number is 47QSWA18D006U.

Our FAA certified and licensed sUAS pilots know what it takes to pass the Part 107 certification exam. Our experts can guide both government and commercial clients through the Part 107 certification process. We have designed a prep course with one goal in mind – to assist potential sUAS pilots with successfully completing the exam.
Our sUAS pilots are highly skilled SOF professionals. We routinely assist clients with curriculum development and course facilitation for a wide range of custom sUAS operator courses.
Our sUAS pilots have the military background and sUAS experience to facilitate sUAS training to the SOF community. Furthermore, we routinely assist in the analysis and development of sUAS tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).
Quiet Professionals provides custom assembly of modified fixed-wing and multirotor small unmanned aerial scientific test vehicles and counter-UAS threat test vehicles. We have experience operating , testing, and experimenting with sUAS in both government and commercial environments. We also conduct sUAS threat profile replication and sUAS analytical services.

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