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Creating end-to-end solutions for complex problems.

Comprehensive Solutions Through Cloud Services Support

Opportunities Created by Cloud Computing

As many organizations are aware, the software solutions of today will not meet the problems of tomorrow.

Solving complex, ongoing problems requires an ongoing process rather than standalone solutions. With rapid changes to technology come amazing new opportunities—and a driving need not to be left behind.

When an organization comes to Quiet Professionals for services, they often have a specific problem that needs solving. But more organizations are turning to Quiet Professionals to build a partnership that is not only focused on solving individual problems, but also provides more comprehensive solutioning through cloud services support.

Quiet Professionals is known for creating end-to-end solutions for complex problems: advanced data analytics, operational mission support, geospatial intelligence, intelligence support services, and more. We have developed a reputation for trustworthy, reliable services, crafted to meet specific customer needs and evolve alongside those needs.

Many customers only realize the impressive capabilities available to them on the cloud after they have implemented specific solutions. The eye-opening moment occurs when they discover that moving their IT architecture onto the cloud can:

  • Streamline IT processes across a wide geographical area
  • Reduce IT costs across the life cycle of equipment
  • Reduce the need for specialized IT personnel to create and maintain networks
  • Increase uptime percentages
  • Increase data security
  • Allow the use of “edge” devices
  • Enable software development solutions with artificial intelligence/machine learning and other tools
  • And much, much more

Infrastructure is shifting away from purely on-premises models that require rooms full of server racks, networking hardware, cables, ducts, and personnel. A cloud-based or hybrid approach to IT architecture can be more efficient, less costly, and more scalable in response to sudden demands. Cloud computing can grow with your organization smoothly, rather than in jumps as outdated equipment is replaced or physical space is built out.

Software development is also shifting away from a model of hiring developers who create solutions from end to end. Historically, this required large teams working through long development cycles to create software that might become outdated even before implementation.

In contrast, software development on the cloud makes use of versatile building blocks of code that can be configured and reconfigured quickly by a much smaller development team over a much shorter period. In turn, the common time required for developmental release cycles of over a year (or two, or more) shrinks to a six or eight month timeline.

Using the cloud for services and infrastructure makes your IT and development infrastructure more agile and adaptable.

Cloud computing is an equalizer. Access to cloud computing allows organizations to compete on more even ground, and allows us to connect collaborative teams across the globe with resources that would not otherwise be available.

Quiet Professionals can help your organization integrate cloud services smoothly and securely, so you can easily implement a wide range of cloud-based solutions to your problems—whether those problems are immediate or far into the future.

Implementing Cloud Computing in Your Organization

Transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based architecture is rarely an all-or-nothing situation. Different organizations shift different parts of their architecture to the cloud based on multiple factors:

  • Budget allocation
  • Which pieces of hardware will be out of date soonest
  • Security considerations
  • Staffing
  • Upcoming projects
  • Software updates

Workflows for developing software solutions can be similarly affected, with organizations taking advantage of cloud-based low-code or no-code development solutions for some projects but not others.

Quiet Professionals can help you transition your entire organization onto the cloud, or help you build small, specific solutions to separate problems. We are experienced in handling hybrid systems and ensuring that users get the access they need, when and where they need it.

We have built our reputation on working with Special Operations Forces in locations all around the world. We understand how to implement a wide variety of solutions, including use of edge devices in the most remote and inhospitable locations, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) that plumbs the depth of Publicly Available Information (PAI), top secret information across secure Government networks, and geospatial or location based intelligence. Whatever tools you need to support your mission, we can bring them into reach.

There are thousands of cloud-based services available across different levels of security. Quiet Professionals can help you navigate among them to find, adapt, and implement the ones you need.

Why Work with Quiet Professionals?

Quiet Professionals makes working with the cloud easy and streamlined. We can handle everything from designing specific applications and solutions to integrating cloud services with your on premises Active Directory Domain Services. We can create “soup to nuts” solutions, from software integrations to custom workflows.

We are cloud agnostic. Our capabilities stretch across clouds to serve our customers. Wherever you need support, we have the expertise. We also serve clients and maintain services across both commercial and Government clouds including the highest levels of security.

We are also an Agreement for Online Services for Government (AOS-G) provider, able to build and manage environments at the Microsoft Government Secret and Top Secret levels.

There are over 50,000 Microsoft Azure Partners overall, but only a few dozen AOS-G approved providers. Quiet Professionals is trusted by the Department of Defense for some of the most vital cloud services being performed today.

No matter where your products and services need to be located, we can implement and integrate those solutions seamlessly. We make transitioning onto the cloud painless and easy.

Quiet Professionals can help your organization manage your cloud services, develop and manage IT infrastructure solutions, and leverage a wide range of tools to custom build solutions to your organization’s needs, from the commercial space to the highest levels of government.

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