Defense Contractor Forms Not-For-Profit Corporation to Help Afghan Evacuation Efforts

Tampa, Florida Business Using Innovative Platform to Facilitate Relief Efforts

TAMPA, Florida: Defense contractor Quiet Professionals has formed a not-for-profit corporation, Project Afghan Relief Fund, to coordinate evacuation efforts for allies who need evacuation from Afghanistan. Project Afghan Relief Fund uses an innovative cloud-based advanced data analytics platform, Cerebra Grey, to register the names and information of those in need and to connect them with assistance inside Afghanistan. Supporting the effort are the Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) capabilities at Echo Analytics Group, a Quiet Professionals company, providing the ground truth information needed to guide efforts.

Project Afghan Relief Fund was established by U.S. Army Special Operations Forces (SOF) veteran and serial entrepreneur Andy Wilson in response to the dire humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Mr. Wilson is President of the Project Afghan Relief Fund. He is also President and CEO of Quiet Professionals, LLC, a defense and commercial contractor.

As Mr. Wilson says, “Evacuation is just the first step. Those who are lucky enough to make it out will face new cultures, and new languages. They will need housing, jobs, and assistance. We should all be ready to help them when the time comes.”

The response to Project Afghan Relief Fund has been overwhelming. As word spreads, many individuals and businesses, such as Pilot Bank, Kind Creative Group, and Synapse, are volunteering their resources to assist in rescuing those trapped in Afghanistan by the Taliban. To date, Project Afghan Relief Fund has registered information for over 2,600 people in need of assistance, and over 100 people have already been evacuated.

Quiet Professionals is using its skills in creating custom cloud-based analytical tools that integrate different types of intelligence products such as Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) to give decision-making dominance to our customers, whether they be from the Defense, law enforcement, Government, or private sectors. When the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated, Quiet Professionals knew that it was their responsibility to put to use the innovative platform known as Cerebra Grey to help in any way they could. Within hours, their new product was created and connecting help with those who need it.

The flood of support that the product has already received inspired Quiet Professionals to create Project Afghan Relief Fund. The organization will help ensure the product is developed further while continuing to provide assistance to those who have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

The Project Afghan Relief Fund is coordinating in-kind donations, housing assistance, and community support aimed at promoting dignity, inspiring hope, and creating stability post-evacuation.

About Project Afghan Relief Fund: The Project Afghan Relief Fund is a Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation located on the island of Rocky Point in Tampa Bay. Our mission is to connect our Afghan friends and allies with help and hope, from the evacuation process to establishing new homes in new lands. Our background in the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community and in cloud computing, advanced data analytics, Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) and Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) have allowed us to build tools to help coordinate funds, information, transportation, and other resources across the globe in real time, within days of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. To find out more about Project Afghan Relief Fund, visit

Cerebra Gray Afghanistan Dashboard Aug 25 2021
A screen capture of the Cerebra Grey dashboard showing 2,640 requests for assistance as of 25 AUG 2021 at 10AM ET

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