Quiet Professionals Terminating Relationship with Veterans Alternative

Quiet Professionals supports a variety of philanthropies, in particular those with a focus on veterans and the Warfighters at the Tip of the Spear. No warrior should have to deal with their wounds alone, whether those wounds are seen or unseen. 

The 501(c)(3) organization Veterans Alternative provided effective alternative treatment for veterans struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and we were proud to partner with them. However, we are shocked and disappointed by recent allegations of misconduct against the co-founder and CEO, Brian Anderson.  

In the modern information era, sometimes we discover that the values of individuals don’t always align with the values of their businesses or public personas. We take these allegations and how they have been handled very seriously. We remain committed to supporting our veterans and will continue to do so through other organizations.  

Quiet Professionals is terminating its relationship with Veterans Alternative. We do our best to ensure the philanthropic groups that we work with conduct themselves appropriately. We will be reviewing our policies to determine how better to perform due diligence on organizations that we partner with, and to regularly review the organizations we support. 

We continue to support non-profit organizations that align with our values to support our veterans. For any questions about Quiet Professional’s corporate social responsibility efforts, please contact marketingandmedia@quietprofessionalsllc.com. 

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