Corporate Social Responsibility


Setting the Bar for Social Responsibility

At Quiet Professionals, we believe that every business has a responsibility to do good in the world. When Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a priority, organizations of any size and shape can not only express their stance on positive change, they can demonstrate it, too. 

When businesses choose to do what is right even when it doesn’t impact their bottom line, it not only sets the precedent for their team on their commitment to being socially responsible, but it typically ends up benefiting them financially through trust built with potential customers.

Our Commitment to Veterans

Quiet Professionals supports a variety of philanthropies, but we have a special interest in organizations that focus on veteran transition support and the wellbeing of Warfighters at the Tip of the Spear. We believe that no warrior should have to deal with the wounds of war on their own, whether those wounds are physical, spiritual, or emotional. 

That’s why we’re committed to partnering with and offering financial support for nonprofit organizations that align with our priority to support veterans. These groups include:

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Florida Veterans Foundation, which provides emergency hotline services and financial assistance, special projects to help homeless veterans, etc.

SOF Missions Logo

SOF Missions, which assists post-9/11 veterans with psychological, physical, spiritual and social wellness.

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Hiring Our Heroes, which connects veterans, service members and military spouses with meaningful employment opportunities.

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Tampa Bay Chamber’s Operation Partnership Program, which connects transitioning military members with a strong network in the local business community and provides job-prep opportunities like resume workshops, mock interviews and more.

Testimonials from Our Valued Partners

Over the years, we’ve partnered with several organizations aimed at one mission: to provide veteran transition support. Hear from some of our valued partners how they’ve enjoyed working with Quiet Professionals:

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“Our role really is to be the private arm of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. Our mission is to be the last resort for a veteran in crisis. They can call our Crisis Hotline and we will do what it takes to help them.”

– Bob Asztalos
Chairman, Florida Veterans Foundation

“We got involved with Hiring Our Heroes when it came to the Chamber of Commerce, and they had a big meeting about it. They wanted to bring it to Tampa, and of course we were on board.”

– Kishima Garcia Executive
Vice President of Human Capital and Strategies

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“The Tampa Bay Chamber approached me and asked if I would sit as the co-chair for the military council, where I was exposed to Operation Partnership. I realized how good the program was, and how great it was for our service men and women, and also their families and the community.”

– Andy Wilson
CEO of Quiet Professionals

Nominate a Nonprofit to Partner With QP

If you know a veteran-focused nonprofit that Quiet Professionals can support or partner with, we want to know about it. We’re accepting nominations for nonprofits that align with our mission to support the veteran transition process and provide helpful resources to ensure veterans are healthy and happy post-service.

Here’s some criteria to help you understand what nonprofits we’re looking for:

  • Veteran-led organizations or ones that work to provide resources for physical, mental, spiritual and social wellness
  • Organizations with a mission to empower veterans and their families through education, employment opportunities, and more
  • Organizations that provide support for veterans suffering from PTSD
  • Organizations with a strong veteran transition program or military spouse employment support

Our Application Process

Once we’ve collected our list of nominated nonprofits, we review them to identify organizations that might be a good fit. Our vetting process includes:

A thorough review of the submitted applications to identify nominees most closely aligned with support for the veteran community

An audit on the past 3 years of the nonprofit’s Form 990 to ensure the majority of their funding is allocated in good faith to the programs that support our veterans and their families

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations, or in-depth background checks, on the leaders of the nonprofits to ensure conduct that is becoming of their mission and aligned with QP Core Values


Nominate a Nonprofit Today

We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with other like-minded organizations that have a focus on veteran services and support. If you have an organization in mind, fill out and submit this form for our team to review. If the organization is a good fit, a member of Quiet Professionals will be in touch!

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