Why Working for Quiet Professionals is Different

After 25 years active service to the United States Military, Ebony Harris (EH) retired from United States Army Special Operations Command and embarked on her next adventure with Quiet Professionals, LLC.  We consider ourselves lucky to be chosen by Harris for the next chapter of her career.  Her advice to job seekers:

“What makes me wake up in the morning time and want to come to work at Quiet Professionals is that I can come in and be my very best.”  If you’re interested in a career with QP, listen in to Harris’s interview or read the transcripts below to see what makes working at Quiet Professionals different and visit our Career Center.


EH: I’m Ebony Harris, I work at Quiet Professionals. I am a recruiting operations administrator.

I’ve been in for 24 years and it will be 25 next month when I get out and retire. When I came to the company, it felt like it was a team. It felt like it was the place to be. I was able to go to like each and every section, every department, sit down and kind of see what they were doing, get to be able to talk to the COO and CEO. Every company, you’re not able to sit down with the CEO of the company. You’re not able to talk to the COO. 90% of the company is veterans, and combat veterans. So I was able to kind of relate and talk to them differently than I was at some of the other companies. It was an amazing opportunity here and this is somewhere that I know that fit me, it felt like family.

What makes me wake up in the morning and want to come and work at Quiet Professionals is that I can come in and be my very best. I can pour it all out and know that it is worth something. And they’re not looked at as individuals or as employees, they are looked at as family members and team members. Most of the time we say team members, or you know brother. When we sign out emails, we do not say Mr. or Misses. We say brother and sister or by your first name so to be able to come to a place that I know we’re not doing it just because we are doing it as Quiet Professionals as a whole because we want to be here. So I like it here, I really do.

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