Support for Veterans; National Defense in the Homefront

Written by Connor Williams, Quiet Professionals LLC

Veterans are more than just their uniform. Uniquely dynamic people, each has their own dream, story, and needs. Living today, there are more than seventeen million people who have given service to our country, its people, and our defense. Each of them has a unique experience and distinctive needs following service. Yet, veterans have a long history of being overlooked once their sacrifice and service is complete. In a nation that stretches approximately 2,800 miles from coast to coast, it isn’t surprising that overarching federal programs designed to provide assistance for veterans are either swamped or unable to consistently mobilize all of the resources necessary. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to give back to the former servicemembers who gave for our country through time, donations, or social media outreach. It’s possible to make a change as an individual and as a part of a larger organization dedicated to veteran support.

Organizations like the Florida Veterans Foundation are rising to bridge the gaps present in veteran support networks. By partnering with other like-minded organizations, the Foundation is able to tackle a range of problems from transportation to legal support including, recently, offering free rides through UBER so veterans could make it to medical appointments. Another significant issue being approached by the Foundation is crisis support. In partnership with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, the Foundation created an app to immediately connect veterans struggling with suicide or opioid addiction to the appropriate crisis hotlines.

The Florida Veterans Foundation’s commitment to supporting veterans advances as they continue to touch the lives of those in need. Through the hard work of their volunteers, an average of 28,000 veterans receive help each month. This impact is possible because of the hours of effort and generous support donated. Along with a dedicated team of volunteers, federal funding, personal donations, private charity, and corporate partnerships are the bedrock that backs the Foundation’s resources and capabilities.

Recently, the Foundation expanded their network of partnerships with Quiet Professionals LLC. As a veteran-owned business with a preference for veteran hires, our alignment with the Foundation is simply an extension of our own desire to support those who have served. We’ve been there, we understand the difficulties in the military transition, and we’d like to acknowledge the sacrifices of those who served.

Even with the Florida Veterans Foundation’s dedication to support, and their growing positive impact, there is still a growing need for veteran care. Veterans are more than just their uniform, and more than just their service. They are people with dreams, stories, and a history of choosing to sacrifice for our country. The Florida Veterans Foundation and Quiet Professionals understand that every former servicemember deserves our support. Knowing that there are holes in the currently available support systems, and what it is like to be a veteran, we are continuing the commitment of never leaving a battle buddy behind. Join us in returning the favor of service to the veterans of our nation through donation, compassion, and understanding with the Florida Veterans Foundation. Follow our progress here.

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