Quiet Professionals Acquires Echo Analytics Group

Quiet Professionals (QP), a locally headquartered government and commercial contractor, announced today that they have acquired Echo Analytics Group (EAG), an open-source intelligence (OSINT) research and analysis company.

“We already have several customers in common with EAG and we are both driven by a greater purpose,” says Andy Wilson, president and CEO of QP. “We’re both supporting government and commercial clients, to include special operations war fighters and the organizations associated with them in order to create a better world.”

QP is an expert in intelligence, information technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud services, all of which are also areas of focus for EAG.

“It became very apparent that building a relationship between EAG and QP would deliver the products and services our clients need at a much faster pace and at scale,” says Buddy Jericho, former CEO of EAG. “By joining the Quiet Professionals portfolio of companies, our ability to enhance operations is tremendous.”

Together, QP and EAG will be able to further expand their offerings and provide even more relevant, accurate and actionable information in mission-critical situations than ever before. This enables both government and commercial clients to utilize them as an integrated solution for all their OSINT needs.

EAG will maintain its name, brand recognition and awareness while providing seamless systems and processes as a QP company.

About Quiet Professionals

Quiet Professionals (QP) is driven by a greater purpose and strives to execute everything flawlessly to build a better world. QP is focused on the safety of American families and strengthening international peace and security with a focus on duty, honor and country. Providing innovative services and solutions for clients and partners, QP addresses complex problems and executes any mission efficiently and effectively. Documented capabilities and past performance highlights QP’s ability to provide critical mission support in the most complex environments. For more information about Quiet Professionals, visit quietprofessionalsllc.com.

About Echo Analytics Group

Echo Analytics Group (EAG) is an open source intelligence (OSINT) research and analysis company founded in 2015. EAG developed the Discover, Develop and Monitor (D2M) method for open source research and analysis and CID, an easy to customize open source data, analytics tools and resource dashboard. It is now used by intelligence, security and law enforcement professionals around the world. EAG’s mission is to help make the process of researching open source information more efficient and to provide solutions to clients in the form of OSINT products, training, technology or a combination of all three. Interested in OSINT? Learn more at echoanalyticsgroup.com.

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