Remembering 9/11

Written by Mike Register, Chief Operating Officer, Quiet Professionals, LLC

September 11th, 2001 was a day like any other in America until approximately 8:46 a.m. that Tuesday morning. Four departing airliners from Washington D.C, New Jersey, and Boston were taken over by 19 al-Qaeda (AQ) terrorists. The terrorist flew the aircraft into designated targets. The World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City was the first target, with American Airlines Flight 11 flying into the north tower approximately 15 minutes later. The Pentagon in Washington D.C was also attacked that morning by American Airlines Flight 77, while brave passengers fought against the four AQ operatives on United Flight 93 and were able to stop its deadly mission. Flight 93 ultimately crashed in Pennsylvania, killing everyone on board. Americans had awoken that morning to a world they were familiar with and went to bed that night facing a world that had changed in the blink of an eye.

WTC smoking on 9 11.jpeg
Photo by Michael Foran (CC) 2001

The events of 9/11 impacted the world and America in many ways. During the initial attacks approximately 2,977 people were killed, with 412 of them being NYC Public Safety personnel who had responded to the WTC.  Economically, the 9/11 attacks were devastating. For example, the overall physical and infrastructure damage to the US was estimated at $55 to 62.2 billion, with the airline industry suffering approximately $74 billion, as calculated by The attacks also initiated the longest war the United States had been involved in. However, the cost that can never be quantified is the cost paid by American military personnel who have fought in this war, and also their families who have given so much.

Many military personnel knew as soon as the planes attacked the WTC towers that an American  response would be imminent. Since 9/11, many of our military personnel have been killed and maimed fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, with all being emotionally traumatized in some way from what they experienced and saw while serving their country. Many of the employees of Quiet Professionals are military veterans who served America proudly, and continue to serve by assisting the U.S. military with various mission support capabilities.

ground zero 1463649869xXy
Photo by George Hodan

Though Quiet Professionals is a business, its primary concern has always been to ensure it is helping the “warfighter” conduct their global missions in the most effective manner possible, while doing its part to make America more stable and secure. On 9/11, we should take a moment to remember and pay homage to the victims who fell that day. We should also remember the brave citizens and First Responders who selflessly assisted that morning, and our military personnel who traveled in harm’s way to respond and protect our way of life. But let us also remember that we should treasure what is important to us as humans and citizens because things can change in the blink of an eye.

Join us in remembrance with a special series as the members of team QP recount their experience on the day of 9/11 and how it impacted them.

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