Quiet Professionals: Why We Need To Be Different

Written by Mike Register, Chief Operating Officer, Quiet Professionals, LLC

Businesses in today’s global economy face a very complex and ever-changing market environment.  Successful organizations must constantly assess their strategic vision and capabilities to ensure their product or service continues to meet evolving customer expectations and needs.

The defense contracting industry has become an integral part of America’s global defense and stability strategy. For example, a recent study of Department of Defense (DoD) contractors reported that more than 5,800 were operating in Afghanistan in 2019. The various services contract personnel provide to DoD range from logistics to high-level mission support activities. The market for DoD contract personnel has grown exponentially since 9/11.

This growth, however, does not automatically mean that every defense contracting company will be a successful business venture.  It takes vision, innovation, and the ability to “hire the right people” to succeed in defense contracting.

Since its inception in 2013, Quiet Professionals (QP) has grown into a very respected defense contracting company. QP has seen its revenue increase each year and has consistently given DoD and other government clients the expertise and capabilities needed to facilitate their mission. The operational environment of the future will be shaped by numerous factors.

To be prepared for this “future battlespace”, QP will need to expand its expertise in such areas as cyber-operations, autonomous weapons systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and systems integration, while still maintaining the ability to give global “on the ground” specialized mission support.

The differentiator for QP has always been the quality of its employees and their ability to comprehend, understand and assist the client in solving mission complexities. QP continues to acquire talent and build the capabilities needed in the future to support each client’s needs while ensuring its business model is successful. This is what makes QP different, and why we must continue to be different.

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