QP CBDO’s Strategic Vision

Written by Leo Kryszewski, Chief Business Development Officer, Quiet Professionals, LLC

     Having just recently completed my fifth year as a Quiet Professionals employee, I found myself pondering just how far this company has grown since I first became a “QPer”. Although the Company continues to grow, the faces have changed, and our markets and customers have evolved. However the QP core identity remains the same. QP is a multi-faceted company with strategic core competencies striving to provide unparalleled professional services in support of federal, state, local, and commercial customers.

     As QP’s newly appointed Chief Business Development Officer, my job is to capture new business, maintain our growth trajectory, and ensure we seamlessly transition from small to large business. The focus of this write-up is to provide some insight into the company’s strategic vision, but I also wanted to reinforce my commitment to QP’s core identity and values. As we grow, we must never forget what made us who we are. The SOF-principles and an organizational commitment to excellence have worked for us in the past and are the foundation of our future successes.

Just like QP’s core identity, my strategic vision for business development is grounded in the SOF-Truths, particularly “Quality is better than Quantity”. QP BD is focused on larger, more profitable, Prime contracts. In doing so, we plan to maximize the use of existing resources, generate cost savings for our customers, and provide more opportunities for our large and stable professional workforce to showcase their unique skillsets.

Over the coming years, QP will continue to solidify our position as an emerging leader in the systems integration market. QP is uniquely qualified to solution from the operator’s perspective, given the experiences of the many veterans comprising QP’s workforce. We will continue to bridge the divide between the technician and the operator, between the laboratory and the battlefield, and provide a solution where the requirements remain the focus. For example, QP’s innovative approach integrating Esri GIS software on the Microsoft Azure backbone has led to us being named a Microsoft AOG-S (GCC and GCC High) provider, earned Gold Status in our Microsoft Partnership, and qualified QP as one of a few companies authorized to provide Azure SIPR to US Government customers.

QP’s strategic vision also focuses on success at the task order level. Many of our BD successes over the past 18 months do nothing more than provide QP a seat at the table. Now, we focus on success at the task order level and generating revenue for the company. These contracts include our recent award on SOF Core Support, Geospatial Technical Support Services (GTSS 2.0), and the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS).

Other items comprising my strategic vision for QP include:

  • Focusing on our SOF-roots and generating revenue through our prime SOF Core Support Services Contract.
  • Expanding our foothold in the markets of data analysis, artificial intelligence, and cloud support services.
  • Broaden our customer-base outside of DOD, to include Federal Civilian Government Agencies.

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