Quiet Professionals Unveils Sign on Rocky Point Island Center Building

Quiet Professionals is unveiling our new signage atop the Rocky Point Island Center building on the Island of Rocky Point to highlight our tremendous growth. Recent accomplishments have increased our presence in the Island Center building, allowing us to expand from a small office of just over 1600 square feet in 2015 to over 60,000 square feet throughout the building today.  

We are a Tampa-grown, veteran owned business specializing in SOF-centric innovation. Andy’s ambition is to help grow Tampa to be the largest defense hub in the nation. As a business, Quiet Professionals works to bridge the gap between commercial technologies and the government’s thirst to keep up in the digital age.  

The signage will be unveiled with the participation of former Tampa Bay Chamber Chair Jamie Harden, owner of Creative Sign Designs, during a reception that will include members of the Tampa Bay Chamber and the CEO Council of Tampa Bay. Guests will have a chance to tour our offices, enjoy live music, and partake in specialized catering creations. The sign will be visible from Tampa International Airport and the Courtney Campbell Causeway.  

“Quiet Professionals’ superior skills and proven performance gives us the reputation as one of the most trusted and innovative businesses working to support commercial and government technology evolution. The unveiling of these prominent signs marks a significant milestone in the history of Quiet Professionals. Our focus on making the world more secure through the evolution of the digital age will undoubtedly reveal continued growth,” says Andy. 

Recently, we added the Advanced Technology Solutions (ATS) division to address innovation possibilities in cloud-based computing, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and advanced data analytics. One project developed by the ATS division is a cloud-based mapping, visualization, and data management platform named “Cerebra Grey.” Cerebra Grey paves the space between commercial and government use of Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT). It was originally developed to meet government requirements and has since evolved into a comprehensive analytics management, processing and visualization platform used to address problems in commercial industry sectors. 

Another major accomplishment was the acquisition of Echo Analytics Group, a leader in the Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) field. Echo Analytics Group and its founder and CEO, Buddy Jericho, pioneered the use of many OSINT techniques used throughout the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. Their course curriculums are the basis for SOF’s OSINT training. OSINT analysts access publicly available information, such as social media, to uncover information and build reports. Consumers of this type of service range from private equity firms to law enforcement agencies.  

We were pleased to partner with Creative Sign Designs on our new signage project. Founded in 1986, Creative Sign Designs is a leader in producing eye-catching custom interior and exterior signage. Andy notes, “it’s a pleasure being able to team with such a professional, responsive local business.” 

We look forward to delivering superior results for customers world-wide. With more expansion on the horizon, we continue to develop innovative solutions to emerging threats, including cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and the proliferation of disinformation. 


Interested in our products? You can find Cerebra Grey here. Interested in working with us? Check out our careers here. 

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