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Quiet Professionals is working around the clock to help evacuate people from Afghanistan. Our efforts have not stopped with the withdrawal of the U.S. troops from Kabul. Although we are profoundly grateful to those who are working with us to bring help to our friends and allies, the situation in Afghanistan is desperate. 

On Sunday, August 15, President Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Shortly afterward, the government collapsed. By Thursday, August 19, Quiet Professionals had created a dashboard using our cloud-based advanced data analytics tool, Cerebra Grey, to help track those who needed help and those who could help them, both inside and outside the country. 

By Monday, August 23, we received so much support that we decided to set up the Project Afghan Relief Fund to serve as a joint operations command to bring everyone together to serve the same mission.  

On Tuesday, August 31, the last U.S. troops left Kabul. 

Our first goal was to assist with evacuations, but we intend to continue our support to help evacuees find shelter, then rebuild their lives in new lands. Much help is needed. Please contact us at to assist evacuees with financial support and other assistance 

Learn about our efforts and the situation in Afghanistan through related news coverage. Please share these articles and interviews to help spread the word!

‘I really felt indebted to him’: Local veteran helps rescue mission of his former Afghan interpreter

KSHB Kansas City, September 29, 2021.

From the article:

Tampa veterans use technology, connections to help Afghans evacuate. 

Tampa Bay Times, August 28, 2021.  

From the article: 

All that is to say, Wilson knows people — military people, government people, other government contractors. He started getting calls and messages as Kabul fell. Some were Afghans who needed help. Some were Americans who wanted to know if he could help their Afghan friends. Some were people with experience like his or resources, wondering how they might work together. 

“Now, it’s like we’ve turned into a 24-seven operation center,” Wilson said. “The military folks involved in this company, they’re used to this. This is what we did in the special operations community.” 

‘Just one more’: Inside the massive military community effort to save Afghans. 

MilitaryTimes, August 27, 2021.  

From the article: 

Andy Wilson, a retired Army special forces master sergeant, has developed a network of his own working along with Team America and other organizations, such as No One Left Behind, which are focused on bringing evacuees to America. 

What American companies are doing to help during the Afghanistan crisis. 

Tag 24, August 27, 2021. 

Mention of Quiet Professionals in longer article on German news portal.  

Tampa based intelligence firm leads operation to aid in Afghan evacuation efforts. 

WTSP CBS 10 Tampa Bay 

Interview with Andy. From the article: 

“Get us out. Free us,’” said Wilson of the messages he is receiving every day. “What does that do? It really tears at your heart strings because you know these people personally and you fought with them and bled with them and you ate with them.” 

Wilson says it started with a text message from his longtime interpreter and has now mushroomed into thousands of requests. 

“We’re talking more than 3,000 and going up by the hundreds every day.” 

Tampa defense contractor launches high-tech tracker for Afghanistan refugees

Tampa Bay Business Journal, Tampa Bay Inno, August 26, 2021. 

From the article: 

“I have a lot of people — congressional leaders, donors, Fortune 500 companies, asking where to donate funds to,” he said. “We launched the not-for-profit and we want to load that up, to help everyone get out who wants to get out. But then, and perhaps more importantly, help them integrate into the society they will come to with food, shelter, clothing and jobs.” 

Tampa-based company uses unique technology to help evacuate people from Afghanistan 

Fox Business, August 25, 2021. 

Interview of Andy Wilson by Neil Cavuto. From the segment: 

“We decided to use what we do for our defense contracting firm at Quiet Professionals and our [Open-Source Intelligence] OSINT company, Echo Analytics Group, to take that technology, the things that we’ve been doing for the Government, and parlay that over to the commercial sector, and stand that up…just like we would a Joint Operations Center that was globally disbursed with all these elements around the world.” 

Tampa company working to help people evacuate from Afghanistan

WFTS ABC Action News, August 22, 2021.  

From the interview: 

“We have all these Afghan people that have assisted us over the years. We’ve let them down in creating chaos in their country, and because they’ve helped us, they’re marked for death. Them and their families,” said Andy. 

Quiet Professionals is coordinating support for Afghan evacuees, using our tech, time, and resources to help our friends and allies escape and start new lives. Won’t you help? Donate at Project Afghan Relief Fund ( now. 

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