Why Should your Company Culture Matter?

Written by Kishima Garcia, Executive Vice President of Human Capital & Strategies, Quiet Professionals, LLC

Most people join an organization for several reasons; salary, benefits and growth potential are three major factors just to name a few. However, why you joined may not always be the reason why you stay. There are 24 hours in one day. If you were to consider how much time is spent on sleeping, commuting, working and family what answer would you come up with?  Even if you tried your best to balance your time, you would probably realize that you spend a large percentage of your daily activities at work or working.  So, why not work for a company that values their company culture; where work doesn’t feel like work.

Hiring the right people to do the job isn’t enough. Organizations may find the list of qualified candidates may be large, but the list of individuals that can bring value to the organization may be small.  “Selection is an ongoing process”, is a phrase that our CEO, Andy Wilson always says. He coined this term from his military experience and background as an Army Special Forces team member.  Today, companies are looking for employees who would bring passion, creativity, innovation and personal touch to the organization. Most of all, organizations are looking for commitment.

Organizations can train anyone to do the job. Time and effort are prerequisites. If you recently switched to a new company or transitioned out of the military there will be an acclimation period and if the adjustment is successful, your new organization will get to see the value that you bring to the table. You are never too old to learn, and you are never too big to grow. Humility is the key to wisdom. At Quiet Professionals, we hire people who complement the team. If we hired one person who knew everything, we wouldn’t need anyone else.

All company cultures experience growth patterns and change, we seek to learn from our experience, our exposure and our employees because, if the company grows, it is because all of the employees in it has grown first. There are so many benefits that can be attributed to respecting other people’s thoughts and opinions, regardless of what position they hold. We all grew up in different house­holds and have differences in culture, language, personal values and beliefs.  Just as any other community, we all have shared values and beliefs that are embedded in how we do business and why.  When you join an organization, the company culture should matter, because you spend a large majority of your time with people who are a part of an organization that adds value to who you are.  If your organization does not add value to who you are, you are with the wrong company.

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