Summer Duchesne Recognized for Outstanding Performance at USSOCOM

When Summer Duchesne separated as a Senior Command and Control Operations Controller from the Air Force in 2020, she had a few concerns about making the transition to civilian life. She worried about losing the sense of financial stability she enjoyed working in the military. But she was able to find a defense contracting job with Quiet Professionals that helped her make use of her graphic design skills and her experience working with senior leaders, while still letting her enjoy working in a culture she loved.  

Ms. Duchesne provides much of the graphic design work needed for the USSOCOM Wargame Center in Tampa. She also helps run the controls on “gameday,” when senior leadership arrives to test out solutions to their problems in the high-tech Wargame Center. 

Before working with Quiet Professionals, Ms. Duchesne served in the Air Force as a Command and Control Operations Controller. Ms. Duchesne is proud of her service with the Air Force. After the birth of her daughter, she transitioned to defense contracting in order to have a more family-oriented lifestyle and follow her own ambitions.  

Quiet Professionals' Wargame Center Visual Planner
Quiet Professionals' Wargame Center Visual Planner

Her transition was made easier by taking a position with Quiet Professionals, where she was able to use her background to excel at her contracting position for the Wargame Center. The transition has been easy for her, she says, and she has really enjoyed her experience working with Quiet Professionals so far. 

 Because of her outstanding work for the Wargame Center, where she has received high praise  from the customer, Ms. Duchesne is being recognized by Quiet Professionals. 

 Thanks to Ms. Duchesne for impressing our customers with your dedication and great design skills!


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