Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program: Marvin’s First Day at Quiet Professionals

Join Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) fellow, Marvin Jackson (MJ), as he recounts his first day at Quiet Professionals. HOH, an initiative launched in March 2011 by the US Chamber of Commerce, is a nationwide effort to connect veterans, service members, and military spouses with meaningful employment opportunities.


MJ: Today was my first day at Quiet Professionals and it was truly a wonderful experience and opportunity to see exactly what goes on. I spent time in recruiting and it wasn’t a training wheel type of experience, tossed right in there and explained what happens and what’s expected and so I’m excited about what the future holds. The program that I’m in Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, is a program that is started by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation which supports transitioning veterans. Through this program I was able to interview with quite a few companies in the Tampa area. After interviewing with the companies, they makes a list of candidates in which they’re interested and the candidates themselves make a list of companies in which they’re interested. If both the company and a candidate choose one another you come on as an intern or fellow for that particular company. In my case I landed here at Quiet Professionals, I seem to fit right in in, feels like like home like I’ve never really done anything but taken off the uniform and then come right back to work.

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