New QP Swag Shop: Now With More Swagger!

QP Swag Shop Drone
Quiet Professionals Swag Shop Ladies

Tired of seeing the same old swag at the swag shop? 

Quiet Professionals has a whole new swag shop from a new merch partner, with new gear, clothes, and more! Erika Gloude, an HR Administrator, noticed that employees weren’t using the shop. 

She says, “The new swag shop was something that we had been working on for a little while. We knew that there was a need, a lot of employees who were getting their anniversary coupons and vouchers, and the shop had the same exact things in there. They weren’t utilizing it, so we decided to revamp it.” 

The shop has been revamped in ways that reflect core QP culture: with lots of high-quality cool stuff. The new shop has lots of different ways for us to show pride in where we work.  

Erika worked with Raechel Canipe, Director of Marketing Strategies, to develop rebranded swag designs and to secure a new merchandise partner capable of supporting QP’s rapid growth and globally dispersed teams with high quality gear and reliable logistics.  Ultimately, a locally owned business, Ataly Graphics, rose to the challenge. As a part of the selection process, QP toured Ataly facilities to observe production and quality of their merchandise—and gave them two thumbs up. 

QP-branded Items in the shop include a drone, dress shirts, hats, and jackets in different styles and colors, cardigans, laptop bags, utility duffels, and more.  

Erika says that our new partners at Ataly are really easy to work with, and anyone who is in the Tampa area can save on shipping by stopping into the store to pick up their items in person. Just call ahead and let us know that you want to pick up! You can find out more about Ataly graphics, including contact information for making pickups, here: 

And you can find our swag shop here: 

QP Swag Shop Dress Shirt
CK2792 QP wheat 600x600 1

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